We believe that honest products and sustainable practices are key ingredients to success.

It’s great to have a philosophy, but more important is living that philosophy every day to ensure you’re receiving the purest and most honest products. Here are a few of our daily mandates:

Health and Safety

Just as our your requirements are the primary focus of our daily endeavors, likewise, our employees are regarded as our most important assets. Therefore, both food safety and employee safety are constantly emphasized.


Our vendors share a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to offering products that will increase both personal and environmental health. This helps us all feel better about the foods we eat and the stewardship of the earth.

Recycling and Waste

We strive to ensure that materials that come into our facilities are 100% recycled or recyclable whenever possible. Waste is meticulously logged and tracked, always with the objective of seeking ways to improve.


Honest Earth cartons use 100% recycled paperboard (40% post-consumer) and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) inks, which help preserve habitats, groundwater, and consumer health.

Energy Consumption and Conservation

Our energy-efficient facilities use all-natural gas and energy-efficient lighting, and we’re proud to continue to minimize our energy use year over year.

Water Consumption

Plant-used water is continuously monitored for quality and usage and then treated and reprocessed for beneficial community land and livestock use.