Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy the wholesome, buttery, velvety
taste of homemade mashed potatoes without all the work.

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I can’t go back to any other mashed potatoes after eating these! I would honestly prefer these over real mashed potatoes. They are so creamy and just seems to have a nice balance of everything that comes together to make a great texture and taste! Had these for Thanksgiving dinner and several people wanted to […]
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The best easy-to-prepare mashed potatoes

Am delighted to discover others who agree that Honest Earth All Natural Creamy Mash (mashed potatoes) are the best “boxed” mashed potatoes, because they are! For several months, have searched for them at Costco to no avail…May we soon see the return of an excellent product which contains no additives, preservatives–just potatoes, butter and sea […]
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